Children and Young People Information and Resources during lockdown

21 May 2020

The current lockdown is a challenging time of many of us. For children and young people, it can be particularly daunting. Which is why our expert Children & Young Person Workers have compiled this information and resource page we hope mums, children and young people find useful.


Children Under 5s (and mums!) 

Mums, Covid 19 has brought a lot of change for the majority of us. However, children still need to play, grow and learn during this difficult period. Many children have to adapt to new ways of living but children will still explore their world through innocent eyes, always looking for ways to learn, play or explore.

Structured play, imaginative play, individual play or messy play are some examples of fun activities that can be done at home to encourage communication, fine motor skills, creativity and development of social skills. These forms of play encourage children to learn and develop many of the skills they need for healthy brain development.

All play activities, that your child is happy to take part in, are fun and can also be used as a learning tool. Some examples of using play as a learning tool:

When a child is not happy to communicate or take part in a game let them run wild with their imagination and allow them time to develop other skills through play. Messy play is good for cognitive development and fun at the same time. Prepare your space if needed (sheets or shower curtains are great for easy cleaning but you can also restrict messy play to a room that has a wipe clean surface. Or use the garden or bath tub). When doing arts and crafts use materials you have at home, you do not need to buy loads of different things as many items in the home are recyclable. Different types of play easily done at home can be found below.

Crafts and Activities

Feelings and Resources


Activity Packs 

Puffin Summer Activity Pack Under 5s

Puffin Summer Activity Pack 6-8

Puffin Summer Activity Pack ages 9-12

We’ve also included a colouring book that explains the Coronavirus to children in a fun and simplified way!

corona dragon coloring book

Links to more ideas on fun crafts and activities can be found here


Educational Resources

We’ve included some extra education resources for primary aged children who may need that extra bit of practice. Some sheets may be used in preparation for nursery aged children starting P1 in September. Mums will be best placed to judge based on their own children’s needs and abilities!

1. Letter-Formation-Alphabet-Handwriting-Sheet-Lowercase

2. letter-formation-workbook-lowercase

3. all-about-me-poster-template

4. Number-Formation-Workbook-Dinosaurs – Copy

5. 121-Number-formation-workbook

6. Number-Formation-1-10-Worksheet

Children & Young People – Feelings and Emotions

During this challenging time, it is important that we think and talk about how we are feeling. Here are some exercises for you to complete which will help you explore the many different feelings and emotions that you may be experiencing during lock-down.

Feelings and Emotions



Early Warning Signs

When we do not feel safe our body lets us know by giving us different feelings.  These are called early warning signs.  All of us have different early warning signs.  Sometimes we have a couple and other times we have more.  We should not ignore these signs.  If we learn to listen to what our bodies are telling us, we can see dangerous and unsafe situations before they get out of control.

Sometimes it is okay or fun to feel scared, example:  watching a scary movie or going on a rollercoaster however when you get warning signs when it’s not fun to feel scared you must speak to an adult on your Safety Network straightaway.


My Safety Network

These are five adults I trust and feel safe sharing my feelings with.  I feel comfortable with these adults and can tell them what is on my mind and they will believe me.  If I feel unsafe, anxious or scared I can talk to someone on my support network, I know they will help or support me.  I will tell the person I choose how I am feeling and why I feel this way!

Read more here Early Warning Signs & My Safety Network



Anxiety is something we all experience at some level and is completely normal. It can be good, however to have ways of managing or reducing this if it becomes overwhelming or too much with life as it is at the moment, it is important that we take extra care of ourselves and our minds. Something we have control over. The diagram gives some useful ideas to start with. It’s about small steps to choosing one to begin with and proceeding from here.

Healthy Coping Ideas for Life as it is

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