Safety Planning

Memorise or make a list of emergency telephone numbers of people you trust and who can help you in an emergency, including the police exchange number (028) 90 650222, and the Domestic and Sexual Abuse Helpline number 0808 802 1414.

Put together a plan in case you need to leave in a hurry:

  • Try to save some money for bus or taxi fares
  • Have an extra set of keys for your house/car
  • Store important papers e.g. birth certificates, passports, medical cards etc in a safe place
  • Take enough clothes for you and your children, as well as the children’s favourite toys
  • Keep a note of the family’s essential medicines
  • Know where you want to go
  • Try to leave with all of the children

Trust your instincts (gut feelings)

If you think you are in immediate danger, you probably are. Leave as soon as possible and go to a safe place. In an emergency, always contact the police on 999.

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