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Statistics show that on average 1 in 4 women in Northern Ireland will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime. Having your support allows us to work with women and children to improve their lives, and work with the wider community to challenge attitudes and beliefs that perpetuate domestic abuse.

You can help us by hosting fundraisers, either with friends or family, at work or with the people in your community. The easiest way to set up your fundraiser is through our JustGiving page which you can access here. We’re always happy to discuss fundraising ideas and provide guidance and support where we can, so get in touch with our team today to have a chat! Send an email to

Photo by David Kerr

Current & past fundraising campaigns:

  • Silent Night, Violent Night – Winter 2021: over £6,000 raised
  • #10KbyMay – Winter/Spring 2021: over £12,000 raised
  • Silent Night Violent Night – Winter 2020: over £8,800 raised
  • Stop the Silence…Stop the Violence – Winter 2019: £750 raised
  • Changing the Lives of Women & Children – Winter 2017: £935 raised

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