NI High Street Voucher Scheme: Donations to Belfast & Lisburn Women’s Aid

12 October 2021

Firstly, the women, children and team of Belfast & Lisburn Women’s Aid thank you for considering donating your £100.00 High Street Voucher to us. Unfortunately, you are unable to donate the voucher directly to us, however if you would still like to donate there are ways to do so.

Option 1:

It is currently unclear whether the pre-paid card can be used to buy in-store vouchers or gift cards, but if this is possible we would hugely appreciate donations of these vouchers or cards for certain shops, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Lidl etc, as well as local or independent stores. We have found in recent times that women appreciate receiving vouchers or gift cards as it gives them the choice to purchase clothes, food, toiletries and anything else they or their children need. Self-help and mutual support is part of our core ethos, and we so believe that allowing women the autonomy to purchase the good they want or need is aligned with our values.

Option 2:

Alternatively, if you would prefer to purchase items to donate to us, we would currently appreciate anything from the following list:

Please note that if you do choose to purchase items, they must be delivered to us in their original box and must not be wrapped in gift wrap. This is a safety precaution – we must check everything to ensure it is safe to distribute to women and children.

Option 3:

A third way to donate to us would be to donate £100.00 of your own money, and keep the pre-paid NI High Street Voucher to use for yourself.

We truly appreciate all and any donations and support.

If you have any questions please contact

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