We would like to reassure women and our key partners that we here and will continue to do everything we can to support you during this challenging time. We have included some important information regarding our services at this time. You will also find a safety plan for women who may be at risk, which […]

In Northern Ireland, we have seen progression over a number of years in terms of how society views domestic violence. Domestic violence is a serious crime which we know often goes unreported. We are, however, encouraged to see more and more women coming forward to report domestic violence and seek support. Our Conference “Changing the […]

“Women’s Aid commends Sir John Gillen and the review team for this thorough exploration of the criminal justice process in sexual violence cases and the culture in which it operates. We are extremely encouraged by many of the recommendations, and by the considered manner in which these recommendations have been made, with reference to rape […]

Stalking is extremely likely to occur within the context of domestic violence and by a former partner. This is the experience of many of the women we support. Stalking, underpinned by coercive and controlling behaviours, can often appear as routine and so-called ‘low -level’ acts, but carried out over time can deliberately instil anxiety, constant […]

Women’s Aid – The Lead Agency for Women and Children Affected by Domestic Violence Effective 6:00pm Sunday 31st March 2019, the 24 Hour Domestic & Sexual Violence Helpline will no longer be managed by Women’s Aid Federation NI, however the vital work of Women’s Aid supporting women and children affected by domestic violence continues. The […]

We are delighted to announce our plans for our Conference on 25th January 2019 in Titanic, Belfast. In 2004, Belfast & Lisburn Women’s Aid hosted its first “Why Doesn’t She Just Leave?” conference, which highlighted the progress made in developing services and interagency strategies to address domestic violence in Northern Ireland over the previous decades. […]

“Universal Credit discriminates against single mothers as well as people living with trauma and mental health debilitations, according to one domestic abuse survivor.” Read More on page 13 in View Magazine’s “Stories from the Frontline” 

Domestic Violence can make Christmas a frightening and lonely time In the year ending March 2018, a total of 302 women and 205 children lived in our refuges.  A total of 1,376 women and 1,748 children were supported by our outreach services. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE FORCED 57 women and 43 children to leave their homes to […]

Whether you enjoy keeping on top of it or you’re totally over it, for many of us, the World Cup is taking over our TV screens and our homes. As one of the greatest sporting spectacles on the globe, the World Cup can evoke a spectrum of emotions, passions, frustrations – the highs and the […]

At Belfast & Lisburn Women’s Aid, our staff have extensive experience working to support women and children affected by domestic violence over the past 40+ years. We started our blog a number of months ago as platform to communicate that knowledge while hopefully educating others interested in issues relating to domestic violence. Through the power […]

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