A project which captured the lived experience of domestic abuse survivors in Northern Ireland As the 25th November 2021, marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls and the start of the 16 Days of Action, Women’s Aid are thrilled to use this platform to launch the valuable work of […]

Silent Night…Violent Night Domestic abuse makes Christmas the most dangerous time of year for many women and children. Can you imagine all the excitement and magic of Christmas being crushed by the fear and worry of how your abuser is going to act? Imagine trying to put on a brave face for your children and […]

26th October 2021: Belfast and Lisburn Women’s Aid have today launched a powerful animation which depicts and articulates the real-life experiences of children living with domestic violence and abuse in Northern Ireland over the past 18 months.  The animation, which was funded by Belfast City Council, comes off the back of stark headlines from the release of the Northern Ireland Commissioner for […]

What is the trafficking project? We are currently contracted by the Department of Justice to provide support to potential female adult victims of modern slavery in Northern Ireland upon signing into the National Referral Mechanism (NRM). We are committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all women and children using our […]

Firstly, the women, children and team of Belfast & Lisburn Women’s Aid thank you for considering donating your £100.00 High Street Voucher to us. Unfortunately, you are unable to donate the voucher directly to us, however if you would still like to donate there are ways to do so. Option 1: It is currently unclear […]

A new advocacy service offering impartial and practical support for victims of sexual and domestic abuse has been welcomed by Justice Minister Naomi Long.

Older women and domestic abuse As we begin to emerge from Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns, the team here at Belfast & Lisburn Women’s Aid want to assure women of all ages that we are here to support them in the way that suits them best and that they are most comfortable with. We know that […]

Now that we’re well into May, we thought it was about time we gave an update about our #10KbyMay campaign. If you’re not aware, the campaign was launched by us back in January, with the aim to raise awareness of the impact of domestic abuse on women and children in Northern Ireland, as well as […]

This year’s International Women’s Day looks quite different from last year’s, doesn’t it! Remember how carefree and not-socially-distanced we were able to be? To say that it’s been an incredibly difficult year for most would be an understatement, and we could go into detail, but by now we’ve all heard the words ‘unprecedented’ and ‘new […]

What is 10K by May? 10K by May is an awareness and fundraising campaign led by the team from Belfast and Lisburn Women’s Aid. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the impact of domestic abuse on women and their children, as well as to raise awareness of what we do here […]

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