What is stalking? According to the UK stalking charity the Suzy Lamplugh Trust stalking is “a pattern of fixated and obsessive behaviour which is repeated, persistent, intrusive and causes fear of violence or engenders alarm and distress in the victim.” Stalking has often been romanticised in films, TV shows and in popular culture, portraying stalkers […]

For a lot of people, when they hear ‘domestic abuse’ their first thought is of physical abuse. This is because physical abuse is the most visible type of abuse. That’s not to say it’s the most damaging to victims, but it certainly can be in some cases in terms of short and long term effects. […]

The mental health impact of sexual abuse is quite often an afterthought by many people; you might tend to think of the physicality of abuse before considering how it can affect a victim/survivors mental health. That’s because often the wounds and scars caused by any kind of abuse – but in particular sexual abuse – […]

In this blog post we will be giving you information about sexual abuse and sexual violence in the context of domestic abuse. A fair few aspects of sexual abuse and sexual violence, such as the various types, signs, and the impact on victims/survivors are the same whether you are in a relationship with the person […]

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